Photo 5 things to do in Seattle

5 things to do in Seattle

Activities in Seattles

Seattle is a seaport city in Washington, United States. It is located in the Western Coast of North America. Seattle is a fast-growing city, and it is a major trade gateway with Asia. Apart from that, Seattle is also a popular touristic city.

Discover 5 things to do in Seattle

1. Visit museums and Aquarium

Seattle, Washington is home to many museums and an excellent, including the following.

  • The museum features artifacts and attractions related to the history of the Klondike Gold Rush, which took place after the Great Depression, in 1893. The museum is located in Seattle, 2nd Avenue South.
  • Seattle Art Museum: The museum is located in Seattle. It features 3 major highlights, particularly: Seattle Asian Art Museum, The open Olympic Sculpture Park, Downtown Seattle.
  • Seattle Aquarium is a public aquarium on Pier 59, Elliott Bay. This is the place to go to watch many fish species, marine mammals, ocean oddities and Pacific coral reef. You can also hear the sounds of birds like in the Northwest Shores.

2. Enjoy the exquisite taste of Seattle coffee

Seattle is famous for its coffee culture. If you are in Seattle, do not miss to taste Seattle coffee. Here are a few picks to go:

  • Sugar Bakery & Café, 1014 Madison Street. You can have a bakery, pastry and coffee at Sugar Bakery & Café.
  • Espresso Vivace, in Seattle at 532 Broadway East, or on 227 Yale Avenue. Espresso Vivace coffeehouses are the place to go for the best latte coffee.
  • Go to any Monorail Espresso coffee shops in Seattle for great espresso coffee.
  • Café Allegro coffeehouses can be found in many parts of Seattle. They serve excellent espresso coffee.

3. Discover music

Seattle is rich in musical history. It is also endowed with a large music diversity. You can buy DVDs featuring Seattle's popular musicians.

  • Seattle is the birthplace of the notable rock musician Jimmy Hendrix and the origin of the popular bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Foo Fighters.
  • Seattle was also home to many jazz nightclubs. Popular jazz singers in Seattle were Ray Charles, Ernestine Anderson, and Quincy Jones.

4. Watch sports

Seattle is home to popular soccer and basketball teams. You can watch soccer and basketball matches played by professional teams in Seattle. The most renowned teams include:

  • Seattle Mariners, major basketball team.
  • Seattle Storm, which is a women's basketball team.
  • Seattle Reign FC, which is a soccer club and the National Women's Soccer League.
  • Seattle Sounders FC, which is a major soccer team in Seattle.
  • Seattle Redhawks, which is men's basketball and soccer teams.

5. Enjoy art

To enjoy art is Seattle, you can visit an art gallery or go to the open-air art exhibits in the waterfront, in Broad Street and Elliott Avenue, featuring:

  • Wake
  • The Eagle
  • Bunyon's Chess
  • Schubert Sonata
  • Wandering Rocks
  • Split
  • Sky Landscape

Discover Seattle

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