Photo 5 reasons to stop in Seattle during your US Road Trip

5 reasons to stop in Seattle during your US Road Trip

Seattle is located in the north-western coast of the United States. It is the capital of Washington. Seattle is the greatest city in the north-western part of the USA. It is home to a large array of museums, national parks, and recreational activities. If you go on a road trip along the north-western part of the USA, you should not miss to visit Seattle.

In addition, there are many great restaurants which serve mouth-watering food in Seattle, Washington. If you have never experienced taking a thrilling ride, then, you must try to ride on the Seattle's giant Ferris wheel. If you love to discover inventions, you should visit Seattle's museums. Seattle is a fascinating city in many ways. So, what are the main reasons to make a stop in Seattle during a road trip to the north-western USA?

5 Reasons to stop in Seattle

  1. Visit the Museum of Flight. The museum is a popular venue to discover everything about past and modern aircraft and spacecraft. It contains a collection of artifacts. The Flight Zone enables children to sit in cockpits and fly an airplane with hand gliding simulators.
  2. See the landmark of the city. Seattle Great Wheel is a popular tourist attraction located in Elliott Bay, Seattle. It is a famous landmark. Adventure seekers enjoy riding on the giant Ferris wheel.
  3. Visit a park. Seattle is home to many parks. Green Lake Park is among the most popular parks in Seattle. It is not far from the Seattle City. The plant diversity within the park is mesmerizing. Hundreds of birds and waterfowls inhabit Green Lake Park.
  4. Visit an aquarium. The Seattle Aquarium is the most fascinating. With its six exhibits, travelers will feel mesmerized at the sight of the different exhibits and the aquatic life diversity.
  5. Shop for souvenirs. Don't miss visiting Pike Place Market, which is America's oldest farmers' market. This place is the best for buying fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. Travelers can also buy a piece of jewelry or a clothing item at Pike Place Market. And still, those who collect antiques can take the opportunity to add items they won't find anywhere else from the antique shops in Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Practical pieces of advice if you stop in Seattle during your road trip to the USA

Before going on your road trips across the USA, it is essential to carefully plan your stopovers before you leave. For a road trip to the north-western USA, it is a must to stop in Seattle. Seattle is endowed with great recreational activities and tourist attractions.

If you plan to stop in a state during your road trip, it is crucial to collect information about hotels if you stay overnight, and about restaurants for your meals along the way. It is also essential to find out about the most popular landmarks and tourist attractions in your stopover city. If you plan to stop in many cities in the USA, there are a lot of researches to make.

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